Andre Rieu – Tuscany (DVD)

Those who have enjoyed this program on PBS need only be told that it is available on home video. AndrĂ© Rieu is a master of light classical music, and here he is at his best. The program was taped live, outdoors in the Piazza de la Republica in the Italian cty of Cortona. Rieu addresses the audience in fluent but sometimes charmingly awkward Italian, with English subtitles. From the opening moments he has the vast crowd in the palm of his hand. They whistle for him in “Chanson d’amour,” clap in unison for the “Toreador Song” from Carmen, the “Radetzky” march, and the galloping finales of the William Tell and Light Cavalry overtures, and sing along in “La donna e mobile,” the drinking song from La traviata, and, most movingly, the Italian national anthem and “Va pensiero,” which is almost a national anthem.

1. The Godfather (Love Theme) 2. Strangers In Paradise 3. Romance Anonyme – Jeux Interdits 4. Once Upon A Time In The West 5. Chanson d’Amour 6. O Mio Babbino Caro 7. William Tell Overture 8. Opera Potpourri 9. Italian National Anthem 10. L’Italiano 11. Marina 12. Roses From Tyrol 13. Lagune Waltz 14. The Rose 15. Italiana 16. Barcarole 17. La Paloma 18. Light Cavalry 19. All Men Shall Be Brothers (Ode To Joy) 20. Radetzky March 21. Vino 22. La Montanara 23. I Love You

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