Many Italian Movies are now available online. The most popular website to find Italian Movies in their original language is YouTube. You can try a search such as “film completo” and browse the results. You will also find many movies produced in other countries. Most of the Italian Movies you will find on YouTube are in black and white and with no subtitles, but worth a watch nonetheless.


There are several Free Italian Movies for Prime members such as Miracle in Milan by Vittorio De Sica, a must see for fans of Italian neorealism.
Another Italian Movies starring Anna Magnani and Anthony Quinn available for free to Prime members is Secret Of Santa Vittoria.
Salt of Life is another favorite Italian Comedy about an aging single man living with his mom.
Another Italian Comedy classic is Be Sick. It’s Free starring Alberto Sordi.
Poverty and Nobility is another must see Italian Comedy. The writer Felice (Totò) and the photographer Pasquale (Enzo Turco) live in poverty, constantly bickering as they attempt to ply their respective arts. Their friend Eugenio, son of the Marquis Ottavio, convinces the two to accompany him and pretend they are aristocrats when he goes to ask for the hand of his beloved Gemma (Sophia Loren). All the double crosses, mixed messages and startling coincidences are handled with exquisite comic timing, presided over by Totò as a kind of manic ringmaster.

In the Drama category we highly recommend One Hundred Steps. Released in 2000, directed by Marco Tullio Giordana about the life of Peppino Impastato, a political activist who opposed the Mafia in Sicily. The story takes place in the small town of Cinisi in the province of Palermo, the home town of the Impastato family. One hundred steps was the number of steps it took to get from the Impastato house to the house of the Mafia boss Tano Badalamenti.

Many Beautiful Things is a documentary. “Tanti Beddi Cosi” (“Many Beautiful Things”) is the Sicilian expression used to wish people the best of things.

Amazon also carries many Italian Movies for rent or download.


Netflix is available in most countries around the world including Italy. If you live in USA your choices are more limited. Unlike the Netflix of years ago when they used to mail the DVDs, their repertoire has been greatly reduced due to licensing fees.

Of course if you live in Italy you will have access to more content and Italian productions.

Walt Disney, Hulu, HBO, and other streaming platforms have their selection of Italian Movies either for Free or for rent/download/stream.