One of our favorite shows. A must-see!

Rocco Tasca is a hot-shot lawyer for a firm that’s made a fortune advancing the interests of corporate clients…. and he’s losing his soul. When he looks into the eyes of a bereaved mother after winning an acquittal for the hit-and-run driver who killed her son, he realizes he’s gone too far. A shaken Rocco leaves the firm as well as his ambitious girlfriend, and starts arguing cases on behalf of the underdogs who dare to stand against corporate greed, environmental irresponsibility and bigotry. It’s far from the glamour and money, but his new life does bring its rewards. His cases don’t make him rich but they bring professional satisfaction and friendships with interesting colleagues, like the private eye Virgilio, and the newly minted lawyer Marta. Case by case, Rocco finds the way back to his own conscience, self-respect and even, love.

Episode 1: A Case of Conscience – A formerly beautiful wife and mother has a facial nerve cut by mistake by a plastic surgeon. Rocco refuses the case when he finds out the woman once had a drug problem, but changes his mind when he learns about the methodology of the medical group.

Episode 2: A Deliberate Accident – When a cadet from a prestigious military academy falls to his death from a balcony, school officials are content to call it suicide. His family and friends know that was impossible given the victims enthusiasm at being a soldier. Roccos investigation uncovers bigotry and a malevolent code of misplaced honor among the cadets.

Episode 3: Like a Ton of Bricks – A plane crashes into a barn in the countryside, leaving a large family without husband, father, and breadwinner. Knowing that victory is unlikely, Rocco takes the case anyway and learns the extent to which corporate top dogs will defend themselves and their interests.

Episode 4: Blackout – An elderly man whos lived in an iron lung for decades dies during a power outage. His distraught son wants to take on the power company, who in turn accuses the invalids caretaker of negligence. The investigation reveals the motives of all parties in relation to the not-so-powerless invalid.

Episode 5: Bebes Snails – Local children are getting sick and dying from what appear to be environmental causes, and the primary industry in the area denies responsibility. Initial investigations prove nothing, leaving the factory owners blameless. One overlooked person speaks up changing the game entirely.

Episode 6: The Fourth Wall – A mixed-use apartment building mysteriously collapses, killing an innocent victim. Rocco and his team battle wealthy corporate interests who put the blame on the victim and her family. Roccos colleague Marta and her children become endangered from the thugs whose crime they witnessed.