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Italian western movies or Spaghetti Westerns


Adios, Sabata

Yul Brynner replaces Lee Van Cleef in the title role for 1971's Adios, Sabata, the second and best entry in producer Alberto Grimaldi's spaghetti Western trilogy about the mysterious stranger with an unknown past and a penchant for righteousness,...
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Day of Anger – I giorni dell’ira

When Sergio Leone turned Lee Van Cleef into a major star with For a Few Dollars More and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, the actor sensibly stayed in Italy to make several more spaghetti westerns, including...

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Italian title: Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo, lit. "The Good, the Ugly, the Bad") is a 1966 Italian epic Spaghetti Western film directed by Sergio Leone, starring Clint Eastwood, Lee Van...

Once Upon A Time In The West – C’era una volta il West

Once Upon a Time in the West (Italian: C'era una volta il West) is a 1968 epic Spaghetti Western film directed by Sergio Leone. It stars Henry Fonda cast against type as the villain, Charles Bronson as his nemesis,...


Who he is and where he came from, no one knows. But the leading citizens of the Western town of Daugherty think he knows too much. And they want to silence him forever. Get ready for the fast-paced, explosive...

My Name Is Nobody – Il mio nome è Nessuno

My Name is Nobody is a 1973 Spaghetti Western comedy film. The film was directed by Tonino Valerii and, in some scenes, by Sergio Leone. It was written by Leone, Fulvio Morsella and Ernesto Gastaldi. Leone was also the...

For a Few Dollars More – Per qualche dollaro in più

"The leading icon of a generation" (Roger Ebert), Academy Award winner Clint Eastwood continues his trademark role as the legendary "Man With No Name" in this second installment of the famous Sergio Leone trilogy. Scripted by Luciano Vincenzoni and...

Texas, Adios

From The Producer Of DJANGO And KEOMA Franco Nero (DJANGO, STREET LAW) stars as Burt Sullivan, a tough Texas sheriff who heads deep into Mexico with his younger brother to arrest the man who murdered their father years earlier. But...

Once Upon a Time in Italy – The Spaghetti Western Collection

Once Upon A Time In Italy, a generation of visionary filmmakers hijacked the genre of the American Western. Suddenly, standard stories of cowboys and Indians became a hyper-stylized opera of immoral heroes, ruthless action and extreme violence. These startling...

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