Inspired by the best-selling crime novels by Valerio Varesi, Fog and Crimes features Chief of Police Franco Soneri (Luca Barbareschi), a man who’s not satisfied at simply identifying a culprit. As he and his team solve each case, they discover disturbing mysteries connected to the long shadow cast by WW II and the bitter conflict between the Fascists and the Partisans. Looking beneath the apparently calm and affluent world of the Ferrara countryside, Soneri seeks to understand the social context behind the crimes. The other main character in the series is the Po River, which dominates the region with its strength, beauty, mystery and power. It controls the landscape and the people who live there, and it always has. Directed by Riccardo Donna. In Italian with English subtitles.

Fog and Crimes: Series 1 (DVD)

The River Po dominates the region of Ferrara with its seasons, its power and its mystery. It nourishes the close-knit fishing communities who live on its banks, and it also hides their secrets. Secrets that are sometimes uncovered by people like police inspector Franco Soneri. Almost as inscrutable as the river itself, he stands brooding at crime scenes chomping on a cigar, trying to see what others are missing. In the ensuing investigations, he and his team often stumble upon old wounds left over from World War II, when differing political alliances turned neighbors into enemies. Passion for his job makes him Ferrara’s best investigator but takes a toll on his relationship with the beautiful Ukrainian lawyer, Angela Cornelio. Filmed on location in the atmospheric countryside of northern Italy, these mysteries are inspired by the best-selling crime novels by Valerio Varesi.

Episode 1: The River of Fog– An empty barge drifts downriver with the owner missing. That same night Inspector Soneri is called to investigate the murder of the boatman’s brother. The brothers served together in the fascist militia fifty years earlier and Soneri must navigate ancient loyalties and deep-rooted rivalries before he can find out the truth.

Episode 2 – Rooms for Rent – In his investigation of the murder of an elderly friend, Inspector Soneri finds that he totally misunderstood who she was. The key to solving her murder may lie in understanding more about her illicit activities, but he fears uncovering a deeper mystery with ties to his marriage and his most cherished sentiments.

Episode 3: Trying to Forget – Following the death of a former police inspector, Inspector Soneri needs to understand what made a valorous officer go crooked. During the investigation he finds himself battling friend and colleague Angela, who s defending one of the suspects. The suspect s a chronic drug user and a liar, but even Soneri recognizes that something doesn t add up.

Episode 4 -The Mystery Film Club – Inspector Soneri finds himself with an all-female case, filled with men who are too much in love, girls who have messy pasts and fellow officers with time-worn secrets. To solve the case and save the life of his friend Angela, he must investigate the darkest side of what has always been a mystery for him: women.

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Fog and Crimes: Series 2 (DVD)

(In Italian with English Subtitles) A passion for solving difficult cases makes Franco Soneri Ferraras best investigator but also its most difficult. At crimes scenes he stands apart, inscrutable, chomping on a cigar and trying to see what others are missing. Hes brusque and irascible but he and his team manage to discover what others would like to keep hidden: addictions, pedophilia, secret loves, and even old injustices left over from World War II. His skill at the job may help him get at the truth, but it takes its toll on his relationship with the beautiful Ukrainian lawyer, Angela Cornelio. Filmed on location in the atmospheric countryside of northern Italy, these mysteries are based on the bestselling crime novels by Valerio Varesi. Episode 1: The Winter Sea – Two senior citizens are found at the bottom of the river in their car. Was it suicide…or homicide? Episode 2: Lost Children – Inspector Soneri offers to take an orphan boy home with him in an effort to solve a murder case. Episode 3: No Sign of Stopping – Inspector Soneri investigates a hit-and-run fatality, and he and Angela discuss the idea of starting a family. Episode 4: A Doll’s House – Soneri investigates the brutal killing of a prostitute, while Angela travels back to Kiev for personal as well as professional reasons. Episode 5: Parental Rating A popular teenaged girl from a well-known family is found killed. Inspector Soneri and his team learn that she was making secret trips to Bologna. Episode 6: False Papers Inspector Soneri is all ready for a reassignment to headquarters in Rome, when a case comes up he cant walk away from. A local high-profile attorney is found dead in his apartment, and there seems to be a connection between him and Soneris ex-girlfriend, Angela.

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Fog and Crimes: Season 3 (DVD)

In Italian with English subtitlesBeing a brilliant investigator is small comfort for Inspector Franco Soneri as he finds himself on the rebound from a tumultuous relationship with his Ukrainian girlfriend, Angela Cornelio. Transferring to Torino, he takes on fresh cases and begins building a new team, but nothing compares with the challenges he faces when he becomes the temporary guardian of a runaway girl, Immacolata. On the job he’s still got it, but as he collaborates with Chiara, the ER physician who’s managing Immacolata’s case, he wonders if he could ever find love again. Filmed on location in the atmospheric countryside of northern Italy, these mysteries are based on the bestselling crime novels by Valerio Varesi.

Episode 1: The Secret Room – Soneri’s ex-girlfriend Angela wakes up in a strange bed next to a former client who’s been stabbed to death. The murdered man is a photographer with a sketchy past and links to drug trafficking. Soneri claims he can work impartially on the investigation, but the judge assigned to the case questions his motives.

Episode 2: Hard Lives – Soneri gets transferred to Torino, where his first case involves a beautiful woman found strangled in a car that’s plunged off a cliff. He also becomes involved in the lives of two young women: a wily and precocious street urchin whom he accidentally hit with his car and the dedicated ER physician who treats her.

Episode 3: Well-Bred Boys – A gang of hooded youths has been stealing from luxurious villas in the hills, leaving a black hood behind as a signature. When a young man from an aristocratic family is found murdered, it’s easy to blame the hooded thieves. While working the case, Soneri also has to deal with the challenges of being Immacolata’s caretaker.

Episode 4: Off Season – Immacolata is found off a pier practically beaten to death. When he learns that she’s witnessed a murder, Soneri urges Chiara to bring her to the southern seaside town of Otranto, where he’s gone to escape for a few days. He offers to hide them while he keeps Immacolata from becoming a murder victim herself.

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