Inspector Nardone (Italian:Il commissario Nardone) was an Italian television miniseries. A crime series, it is based on the real-life figure Mario Nardone, a police officer who operated in 1950s Milan. It aired in twelve episodes on the Italian channel RAI.

(In Italian with English Subtitles)
Exiled from the Naples police department for being a whistleblower, Chief Inspector Mario Nardone finds himself transferred to postwar Milan, which is fast becoming the breeding ground for a new criminal scene. Thieves and outlaws from across Europe are moving in to exploit the battered citizens of a city emerging from war. He may not be able to find a good cup of coffee in his new city, but Nardone is committed to its safety and will do anything to protect its people. With his small squad of like-minded men, he fights crime and corruption wherever he finds it. Sometimes the rot is in the police department, and sometimes it’s in the brothels, nightclubs and back alleys of Milan. He finds sanity in the arms of the beautiful and intelligent Eliana, a woman who challenges his old-fashioned Neapolitan thinking and makes him laugh. Inspector Nardone is based on the real-life figure who was a true legend in Milan during the 1950s and 60s, known for his unflinching moral code and his great sense of humanity.
Episode 1 – Deadly Penicillin: It doesn’t take Inspector Nardone long to realize he’s in a corrupt police department where local thugs are clearly in bed with the law.
Episode 2 – The Everywhere Gang – Undaunted by his demotion to investigating car thefts, Nardone gathers a team of loyal associates to look into the plague affecting Milan.
Episode 3 – Betrayals – Reassigned from car thefts, Nardone and his squad investigate the brutal killing of a wealthy woman found murdered in a luxury car.
Episode 4 – The Forger – The murder of a telephone employee galvanizes Nardone’s resolve to bring the gangs of Milan to justice.
Episode 5 – The Slaughter of the Innocents (Part One) – All of Milan is reeling from the gruesome murder of a young mother and her four children.
Episode 6 – The Slaughter of the Innocents (Part Two) – Inspector Nardone gets a confession for the murder of the young mother and her four children, but his instincts tell him something’s really off.
Episode 7 – The Return – It’s ten years after the squad was busted up and Milan has changed a lot since 1947. Inspector Nardone has introduced some innovative ways to fight crime.
Episode 8 – Dark Passion – Nardone and his men bring all their forensic and investigative skills to bear on the search for the brutal Bosso.
Episode 9 – The Hunt – A security guard is almost killed in a heist that Nardone suspects was orchestrated by the unseen Bosso.
Episode 10 – Champion in Disgrace – A local boxing phenom is found dead in his apartment. Because he’d been the young man’s boxing coach, Muraro rouses himself from bed rest to help with the investigation.
Ep 11 – Cat and Mouse Part One. Nardone knows that Bosso’s about to strike when a bank security guard gets attacked and his uniform stolen. He and the squad put the squeeze on their informer, Cangemi, who runs a little nightclub and is playing both sides of the fence.
Ep 12 – Cat and Mouse Part Two – Nardone finds out when and how Bosso plans to make the biggest bank heist Milan has ever seen. The entire police department is poised to intercept it; Nardone and his squad members prepare to come face to face with the monstrous Bosso.

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